The Destroyer of Men

Abbadon, also called Apollyon, is a demon serving the Legions of Hell. His element is pure destruction.


It is believed that Abbadon was never a fallen angel, but that he was created when Cain slew Abel. That, causing the first act of destruction, birthed the Destroyer.



The Apostle John, in a prophecy in his book Revelation, described the flesh-eating locusts which came out of the bottomless pit as being ruled over by Abbadon. However, Abbadon is behind all wanton acts of selfish or senseless destruction, not just those of the radicals.


His second appearance was in the allegorical work of John Bunyan, in which he declared himself as being "prince and god" of the City of Destruction. He did battle with Christian for almost six hours of daylight, during which he threw fiery darts "as thick as hail", but was "mortally wounded". His whereabouts in the rest of the allegory are unknown, though some believe that he went into the Valley of the Shadow of Death to strike at Christian in his weakest moment.


Though occuring one thousand years before "The Pilgrims Progress" was penned, Abbadon arose from The Pit and laid waste to the Kingdom of Armenia. He was returned to his entombment when Lucian the First sacrificed his life to save all of humanity from Abbadon's violent destruction. Because of his self-sacrifice, Lucian's wish was granted: angels came down and returned Abbadon to his incarceration.

Shortly thereafter, the Deaths Head was created.

Physical AppearanceEdit

It is unclear as to what Abbadon appears like. The most popular depiction of him was by John Bunyan in "The Pilgrims Progress"

Now the Monster was most hideous to behold: he was cloathed with scales like a fish; (and they are his Pride) he had wings like a dragon, feet like a bear, and out of his belly came fire and smoke, and his mouth was as the mouth of a lion.

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