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Shmjzh (female form)

Shmjzh, (Semjâzâ) also commonly referred to as Lucifer, Satan or "The Devil", is the leader of the Legions of Hell.


Shmjzh means "infamous adversary". It is believed that this is not Lucifer's given name, but rather a title he chose after openly declaring rebellion. After being cast out, he declared himself an enemy of the Forces of Light, the Supreme One and all who were in league with Him, declaring:

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Appearance and BehaviorEdit


The true form of Shmjzh is hard to discern. Some believe that it is a red-skinned satyr-creature with a pointed tail. Others say that it appears as an Angel of Light, in order to better cause deception. Dante Aligheri describes it as a three-headed giant covered in hair and having four wings: one head was red, the other pale-yellow and the third black. However, the Deaths Head has encountered two incarnations: a male human and a female human. Both are dressed in black, have long black hair, piercing eyes (some say red), and, when seen in flight (a rarity at that), have twelve black raven wings. However, its appearance even in these incarnations has been limited: the male has only appeared to women, and the female has only appeared to men.


Shmjzh's behavior is also one that is much debated. Some believe that it forces people to do actions of evil nature, whereas others paint it like "a usurer of souls", who tries to take the souls of victims through some elaborate scheme. However, since force of free will is something that is not allowed, it can be more accurately said that Shmjzh "opens the door" for evil actions, but it is the duty of the victim whether or not they will enter the door or leave.

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